RTH and big area P4PV2

Hello everyone! This is my first topic :slight_smile:
I have a large area to do.
The planned mission shows the use of 6 batteries.
I planned to start taking photos at the farthest point so that the drone slowly flies towards me taking pictures.
I’m afraid that Drone Deploy will plan too late for a battery replacement for me.
Drone Deploy is not planning the return with distance? This is always the same
battery value?
Can you make the drone return faster? Will pressing RTH and returning in SPORT mode the drone continue the mission? Pressing RTH cancel all subsequent missions? Can we control the drone during return so that it returns at max speed?
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With our P4Pv2 (and also our Mavic) I believe the RTH is more a function of the drone itself. It factors remaining battery and distance from home to pick the moment to return home. In our case I’ve seen values around 19-22% battery remaining when the RTH gets activated. For us it seems to do the right thing if you just let it go.

I’ve had trouble with the DD mission app resuming in the right place (gaps or partial repeating) if I call the drone home early, but that could be my own misunderstanding of how the app is supposed to work.