RTH altitude compared to outgoing altitude

I’m trying to understand why drone deploy has an arbitrary altitude when the drone goes back out to continue a mission compared to the return to home elevation I set up.

When the drone returns to home for a battery change it comes back at the elevation that I set prior to the flight. After battery swap it goes back out at a much lower, arbitrary elevation to continue the mission. Why is this?

The only time this has happened to me is when I did not have a good GPS lock. Are you waiting enough time to have the same number of satellites locked in, in comparison to when the drone came home?

It happens to me on every job (50+) regardless of satellite numbers. Typically I have good GPS on jobs where I operate and the same number of satellites coming and going. It pretty consistently will auto return to home when the battery is low at the elevation I have set in DJI GO/Drone Deploy (145’ AGL). After the battery swap it will rise from the ground to an altitude around 10-20 feet above the mission altitude and return to the point where it stopped, descend to the mission altitude, and resume mapping flight. This could be tricky if there are tall objects between myself and the place the drone is flying.


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