Roof survey

Hi, I’m a new user on a free account, can dd be used to successfully carry out roof surveys to obtain a high level of detail?
What gives the best results?


There is an app in the App Market called EZ Roof that can assist with this.
Depending on the nature of the roof (flat, pitched) you will have to adjust your techniques to optimize the results.

DD needs to look at Loveland Innovations to see if a deal can be struck between the two (2) companies. Loveland is a DJI dealer and competes against Kespry for the insurance market.

Roofing can be a GREAT avenue of success, DD just needs to get the right roof apps into the marketplace.

The cost for EZRoof is too expensive, Kespry will cost you $25K plus annually. Gotta be some better alternatives!!

Thanks for the reply folks.

Just looking at an easier way to show a roof in great detail without lots of separate pictures as it all gets a bit confusing for the client.

Hi @tonyg,

I also suggest taking a look at Scopito to see how you can store, analyze, and manage your inspections. @Dani-Scopito is a member of the team and occasionally swings by our forum too.

You can download Scopito for free in our App Market.


Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: @Christina
@tonyg, what you are asking for is what we specialize in!
Please check out Scopito
You can try our platform for free. Let me know when you have 5 minutes, I’ll give you a quick demo of the product and share with you some of the best cases out there :slight_smile:

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