Roof Report questions (again)


I have a few more questions regarding the Roof Report app.

Is it possible to include my own company name, logo. branding etc. on the completed report rather than any reference to DroneDeploy (no disrespect)?

Can Roof Report be used with an Explorer account?



Another question.

The roof I would like to map using Precision Capture in the Precision 3D House app has to be flown at 51m height to comply with current CAA Regs; this will achieve 1.5cm/px. Will this be sufficient data to create an accurate Roof Report? (the app wants to fly at 21m height over the 7.5m high building but I’m unable to) Thanks.



Whereas I am not yet familiar with the roof report app, be sure that to comply with the CAA regulations, the drone must not be within 50m of a structure outside of your control. This will obviously include neighbouring properties in close proximity of your building.

If the neighbouring buildings are 10m tall, you will need a 60 flight from ground level, assuming the ground is flat. If there are no neighbouring buildings and you are in control of your subject building, the 50m rule doesn’t apply.


Hi James. I’m ok with the CAA Regs etc. My questions were concerned with the Roof Report app. Because I know I can’t fly lower than 51m, the flight planner says the mission will achieve 1.5cm/px. I needed to know if this was an adequate resolution to create a Roof Report. Thanks


@Philip_Mountain Hello and thanks for reaching out. You can use the roof report app with all paid plans. However, you can use the free trial of the roof report app on a free explorer plan.

As far as branding and customizing the report, we are working on building custom features for this report soon.

More information on best practices for the roof report can be found here: Introducing Roof Report



Hi Yusuf. Sorry I’m not sure I understand your reply; am I able to generate a Roof Report from an Explorer Plan? Also, will 1.5cm/px resolution be adequate to create a report? Thanks


@Philip_Mountain with your free roof report (you get 1 when you first use the service) you can use it while you are on the explorer plan. After that you will need to upgrade to our paid plans. Also your resolution of 1.5cm will be adequate in most cases dependent on your data set.



So if I was on the Explorer Plan I can only generate a Roof Report once? I’m aware the first report is free (thanks). Could I stay on the Explorer Plan and then pay $35 for every report afterwards?


Hi @Philip_Mountain,

You’ll need to upgrade to a paying subscription to use Roof Report after your first report. You won’t be able to use this service on the Explorer plan after your first report.



All questions answered now. Many thanks to all for your help.


No problem, @Philip_Mountain. We’re glad to be of assistance! :slight_smile:


This is pertaining “Roof Report” on this topic. I know a person who has a roof business and using a drone for his inspection on all roofs after replacing the roof. I also know his using his drone as an 'Hobbyist" and/or Recreational. I am a certified/licensed Part 107 for sUAS since Sept 2016. It has brought to my attention this guy IS NOT AN CERTIFIED/LICENSED under Part 107 while flying his drone. AND to add he has not registered his drone as well which it went back to be a requirement since President Trump signed back in to be a law on Dec 21, 2017. People that this guy hurts the ones out there that is trying to bay the law & regulations. I have been flying drones since June 2014 and my business partner and I took the test in Sept 2016 to go commercial. Between the two of us we have a total of 7 drones (5 are DJI & 1 is Parrot) & 3 DJI OSMO. I believe following the rules, served 10yrs in the U.S. Navy, I am an Disable Vet and working as a Civil Service Employee which I am a Production Supervisor for the C-130 PDM Production. Now do I be a (what in my younger days being a “Tattletale” or “Nark”? I know the fine not registering your drone The FAA may assess civil penalties up to $27,500. Criminal penalties include fines of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three years which I copied and paste this from the FAQ pertaining to registering sUAS question #13.
Certified Pilot under Part 107


I wouldn’t think twice about it. First thing is that he may not even know how serious it is so you would be doing him a service by informing him. It is our job as Part 107 pilots to teach and train, not just act like you are better than everyone who doesn’t have their license. I think the pilots that act this way need to be put into their place. I have no problem confront a Part 107 pilot if I see them doing something dangerous, particularly when it includes people or property.
Secondly it is that we are ethically bound to protect the airspace that we use so it is beyond legality at that point. Also, did you put in work to get your license? I did. If someone is flying commercially and doesn’t get their license because of laziness or fear then that person shouldn’t be flying anyway.

As for the fines, those are the maximum limits. Standard fines to this point are in the $1500-5500 range. There have been some larger exceptions, but you’d have to be pretty ignorant to get one of those.


Do you know if once you run the report and have the file, can you strip the DroneDeploy information and use your own company logos? Once I have paid for report, I should own the data and report…Correct?


Hi @SPAerial,

Any map that is created by DroneDeploy will have the DroneDeploy logo on it. You will not be able to remove the DroneDeploy logo from the maps or reports.



Are there plans to change this. I think it would be a good idea


Hi @Philip_Mountain,

As this is a part of our product and a service we offer, we have no plans to remove our logo.



Oh dear that is disappointing. Thanks


@scotteriv We feel your frustration. Unfortunately, the FAA is not enforcing their regulations unless it is something highly media worthy and/or an incident occurs. You can notify the FAA, and I suggest you do. However, be prepared for nothing to come of it.