Roof Report image capture?

Which settings are recommended for creating the required imagery to create a Roof Report? New 3D Mode or the Precision 3D House app?

Hi @Philip_Mountain,

I suggest taking a look at our blog: Introducing Roof Report from DroneDeploy for an overview and some tips.


Hi Christina. Thanks for your advice. I’m still confused. Does Roof report use the already processed imagery? Do I need to capture obliques as well as nadir images?

You take the images however you can and then request the Roof Report through the app inside of that mission. I would suggest the following:

1 nadir of the whole roof
4-6 nadir of sections of the roof closer to the structure
16-32 obliques of the entire structure at 45deg
8-16 obliques closer to the roof.

Make sure that sectional photos overlap.

Thank you Michael. I’m sorry I must have my thicko head on today. Do I process the captured images into a 2D ortho/3D model before clicking on the ‘Generate’ button in the Roof Report app. Or, do I click on ‘Generate’ as soon as the aircraft lands after capturing the data? Thanks

I don’t get the option when planning the mission (even though I installed for my account and organization), selecting the images or uploading. I just uploaded a sample to see what happens, but I am only seeing the app after processing.

Thank you again for your reply but unfortunately I’m still in the dark regarding the whole process. Christina’s blog link and DD’s YouTube videos don’t provide full ‘dummies’ instructions from start to pressing ‘generate’. I’ll just have to have a go myself. I suppose the first one is free to try.

  1. Plan a normal mission with 3D mode or the House & Roof, Precision 3D Model (available in the app market). Make sure the “3D Mode” includes the normal nadir flight plan.
  2. Fly the mission and then upload to DroneDeploy.
  3. Once the map is done processing, click on the Roof Report app and submit.

I just processed a quick little map and verified that the roof report option appears after processing. I submitted it and apparently you get the first one free so we’ll see how it does. I wish I would have known that because I only flew a quick nadir of about 40 images when I would have captured several obliques as well… :slight_smile:

Crystal clear now Micheal. Many thanks :relaxed: