Roof Report DXF file

I’ve made the test flight of Roof Report, and now I’m trying to understand the report.
I can see I can get it in DXF format as well, I’ve tried opening it with DXFViewer, but that doesn’t work, and of course I don’t have autocad :slight_smile: So what will open the file correctly?
Another thing is the numbers in the ‘Table 1’
As I understand it, this should be what they tell me:
Perimeter that is for each of the sections of the roof
Slope is in degrees as I understand it
Pitch, what is that?
Surface area, is the area of the roof, not the area as seen from the air (so it compensates for the slope in the calculation).

Hi @fribse,

Have you tried Autodesk Viewer? This blog post gives a pretty good description of a difference between a pitch and slope too.

Hope this helps!