Roof Inspections - Walls and Perimeters

Could there be a feature added to Roof Inspections to include walls and perimeter measurements?


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Hi @Gordon_Koll,

Thanks for swinging by our Forum and sharing your feature request! Just to confirm, are you referring to adding perimeter and wall measurements to the Roof Report app?


A linear measurement of both the area and volume annotations would be great. When drafting in AutoCAD I often look at the properties of the polyline to see what the linear measurement of the perimeter is.

That’s correct Stephanie, Like MichaelL said.

I have an opportunity to perform a large number of roof inspections and the client has asked to include a perimeter measurement, adding volume or area would be very good as well.

You can always do those invitations in drone deploy, which I wouldn’t think would be a big deal for single or small numbers of buildings. Where I do see it very beneficial to have some automated annotating is on larger sites or campuses that have several buildings. We have a construction job site going on right now that has 12 buildings on it and it is a pain to annotate each one.