Road Survey with DD


I have created several maps with DD and they were successful! Now I have a project, where I need to create a map of a road with offset of approximately 10 m. How do you recommend me to do it? Is it enough to draw Polygon along the road and to have Back and Forth flight (I mean two flight lines), or do i need to make a GRID BASES plan (But as you know it will take a lot of time for drone to fly a long path with GRID BASES plan)?

IS IT CORRECT WAY? Please have a look at my plan.

There is an app for this called “Linear Mapping Beta”, I think you may have to be online to start the mission with this one, I’m not 100% sure.

Thank you for your reply.

First of all this is Unreadable app (Its in Beta mode), second it needs internet and third you can not give specificity offset to the road. For example I want to have 3 m offset to the left and 8 m to the right.