RMSE of Mavic 3 Enterprise w/ RTK module & Base Station

Would anyone be willing to share the RMSE and Average GPS Trust of the
new Mavic 3 Enterprise w/RTK Module and Base Station?

I am currently using a Mavic 2 Pro and these are my numbers:
RMSE of Camera GPS Location / X=1.23’ / Y=1.31’ / Z=3.61’ / RMSE=2.33’
Average GPS Trust= 32.81’

I am about to purchase the M3 E setup but I would really like to know these numbers from someone
who has actually flew w/Drone Deploy.

Thank you very much!

Average GPS Trust has been 0.10-0.15ft

Wow! That is awesome. It really is Survey grade accuracy! Thank you so much for

Showing me your data, I really appreciate it.


.10 GPS Trust on ave.

The EVO RTK I got a consitant .07 GPS Trust

.07 gps trust with the Autel Evo is Insane! That’s definitely worth looking into. I haven’t ordered the magic 3 enterprise yet, so thank you Jason 702!

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