Revival - Mavic Pro Focus Toggles

I for one, even in the previous interface, have always had to get out of DroneDeploy to start another mission. Even when the flights were stand alone entities. it does seem that something has been fixed in my experience that even if I do kill a mission now it’s still shows up in the interface ready to upload when I get back to the office.
that’s the reason why I asked what drone you were flying. It has been notorious that the mavic has had coordination issues with the focus and DroneDeploy for a long time. It blows my mind that that is still an issue and has not been seriously approached.

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Because it’s easier to blame the SDK Michael.

About a year ago I went to the ends of the Earth whilst jumping through various experimental hoops DD suggested I try to help them locate the problem. Nothing worked but DD didn’t want to try to fix it either. Knowing that resources might be better spent elsewhere, I recommended a small tweak to the interface instead that would at least allow the other mission types to access the override focus toggle, but no, that was too much like hard work as well. Having been used and asked to spend several hours sussing out the issue, whilst telling me they intended to fix the problem, they turn around and more or less said the problem wasn’t important enough to them and left me standing.

And so I am left with using my focusing workaround for main mission type without any hope that any of the other mission types or upcoming ones will ever be of benefit to me. They simply won’t work so I don’t even raise an eyebrow when they encourage us to get giddy about the upcoming new stuff.

Incredibly frustrating to watch new features continually being released without fixing the problems first.

What is happening that is not allowing you to use the focusing workaround on the pano and video missions?

Only that the Focus and Exposure toggles are missing from the templates. With the standard mission we can manually set them up in Go4, but with the override toggles not being included in the Progress Report template, it simply takes out-of-focus pictures and what I spent several hours trying to overcome last year. On the basis the new Video and Pano templates don’t carry the toggles either, I haven’t tried them.

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Gotcha, didn’t think about that because I have never used it. Seems like that shouldn’t be too hard to implement, but I guess it depends on what back-end software they have ported into the DD interface.

You’d think. :slight_smile:

This went on and on and eventually got I pm’d to say DD had no intention of rectifying the bug or implementing the toogles I begged for. I was very disappointed given the effort I had gone to help DD find a solution.

You can see from the sample photo comparisons that the image quality was hopeless and is the same in the standard missions if I don’t take control and apply the focus toggle, hence I am resigned to having to waste 10% power after each battery change, but that’s just the way it is.

What bothers me is that we have significant bugs within the app we have now, some that were implemented after we took out the contract, some before but DD would rather use their resources to introduce new flashing, sparkly lights than fix what’s broken first.

Hi @JamesC,

I apologize about any frustrations you have been experiencing. It sounds like some our newer features have disruptive to your work flow. That was certainly not the intention but we definitely want to know when changes cause problems for you.

As for our 3D viewer changes, this was a necessary change that will help us with continued improvement with our 3D features. Having said that, if you have specific instances where the usability is not good enough for what you need to accomplish, I would encourage you to write in to support so this can be documented.

In general bug fixes are triaged by how many users are effected and the severity. While we do try to fix as many bugs as possible, without multiple instances our engineers are left unable to find the issue and then replicate it, which means it is very difficult to find a fix.

If you have concerns that were not fully addressed by our support team, again, I would encourage you to write into our support team at so that our team or our manager can review your grievances and make sure all avenues were taken to address these problems.

Hi Kaitlin.

The issue is easy for an engineer to replicate. Take a MP, use any template that doesn’t have the camera toggles and try to take a picture in focus. It can’t be done.

Having been asked over a number of weeks to try different things and work with your team, you will appreciate my disappointment for them to conclude that they had no intention of not only not fixing the bug, but not even to provide the same workaround they applied to the main missions when that ran into problems. That was the only reason they provided the toggles, because DD couldn’t take any picture in any template in focus.

All they have to do in this instance is add the toggles to the other templates and albeit the bug isn’t fixed fixed, a workaround will have been provided.

Thank you.