Revert to Original Processed Map

I am a new user. I was exploring the “Explore”tab and accidentally cropped my map and made some other changes that were saved. Is there a way to revert back to the original map that was processed before I made changes?

If not, is there a way to delete the processed map and upload the images again to reprocess? I cannot locate the uploaded photos anywhere on DD, but I have the originals.


Support may be able to reprocess but it would probably be faster just to reupload and process if you still have the originals. If not you can export source data to download them. You’ll have to manually setup the polygon but just place it offset outside the photo locations and crop afterwards.

Thank you that very helpful. I was concerned about uploading the images again…I thought they would just get added to the first set of images I uploaded.

Very helpful


It should just make a second version of the map and you would have two for that date. We sometimes do that on purpose when we have a client that we want to give full reign.

When you ‘crop’, you’re not actually cropping anything. By pulling in the grips and reducing the polygon, you’re actually only really reducing the export area.

If you go back in to crop, you can stretch the grips out again to where they started. Annoyingly they don’t snap to the original position, but you can get it back to close enough.

Sometimes. There is a glitch in the system that there are times that it will not repopulate. I just took one of my test maps as an example. You can see I cropped it to the house and when I pulled it back out near to the original boundary it did not repopulate. Sometimes if you continue to move them around allot it will come back. Sometimes not.

There is also another glitch that if you have edited and added vertices and go back in at a later time to adjust some more that all of the vertices that you just added will disappear.

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More bugs? :open_mouth:

No, I’m all good. I was able to upload the originals and recreate my project.

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