Reverse Pivot in Turns

Odd turns today on a crosshatch and a standard lawnmower mission. The drone went into the turn and backed into the next turn. It was kind of cool as it lined up with the next leg very well, just odd. Was this a glitch or planned?


Phantom 4 Pro

iPad 2017 on iOS 11


Just doin the dance! Moon walk! It gets boring up there just going back and forth, back and forth…!
The algorithm may have felt that was the optimum path. See if it does similar in the future.

It did it on the last two missions that I just ran this morning. I like it, it was just out of the ordinary so I wanted to make sure. Thanks!

Mine was doing this today and I think I noticed it a few weeks ago also.

Up to a waypoint and instead of turning in the direction of the next short waypoint, it will turn in the opposite direction and moonwalk back before continuing along the next long straight. But then it was really hit and miss whether it went the easy way round or backed up after each leg. Unpredictable.

Mine exactly the same, probably irrelevant but all fieldscanner maps have been better since last update. Also have had 2 failed flights where it just stops and floats, press go home and it still floats but can be steered manually . ?

Hi @cratageus,

Can you share some more details about your issue?

  1. What are the names of your failed flights? Were these flights in the same location or different?
  2. When did these issues first begin?
  3. Are you still experiencing these issues?

We’ll start with these.

As for @MichaelL and @JamesC, I’ve reached out to our engineering team to see if I can get some insight as to what’s happening here (i.e. if this behavior is expected).


Hi @MichaelL and @JamesC,

I want to confirm that what you’re experiencing is a bug that should be resolved soon in an upcoming app update. :slight_smile:



90b6e85442_61F33B30D6INSPIRE and . 1659584e41_61F33B30D6INSPIRE, which had 3 attempts before it worked. June 23 is first time. Havent tried since the first one listed (yesterday)

Hi @cratageus,

Can you confirm your drone model and mobile device model as well?

Thank you,

DJI P4P and Ipad (A1674)

Shame. I’ve never objected to a bit of MJ to liven things up. Is it going to head right or is it going to slide left to the right? Place your bets. :slight_smile:

Hi @cratageus,

Our team looked into your flights and it appears that a DJI Failsafe switched your drone into atti mode once there was a loss of GPS health quality. This is also the reason why you were unable to automatically RTH. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to assist with this on our end since it’s a failsafe triggered by the DJI flight controller. We suggest flying in areas where you can continuously have strong GPS signal strength during the duration of your flights.


Ok, strange when I looked in my Airdata for the flight I thought there where no issues with that !? 15-19 satellites. I can see it changed status to GPS atti and then atti , can’t see why though.

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