Return to Home not working and other errors

We are using DJI Inspire V2 along with DD app. Loaded the Inspire with latest firmware and had a quick test with a small map.
But when went to field and Map was larger i experienced below issues. Please let me know on this.

  • When i mapped around 500 acres , and wanted to start mission … it gave me Waypoints check error " Waypoints too far error". Is this because I planned the mission at office and trying to run at different place @ field ?

  • Then i scraped the plan and made a quick plan and flew the Drone, but when the battery level came below critical level, Return to Home did not work . Drone descended where ever it was, way beyond the home point. I did not understand this.

  • One question regarding DD app, can i login using same account on multiple devices, is there any limitation or issue

Let us know on these, we are planning for using DD for our next project.


I think the waypoint error you saw is something that just happens with the current DJI firmware and current dronedeploy app. You can restart the app at the moment to see if that helps.

When you click return to home on a DJI drone, if it is within like 50 meters of home it will just descend and not fly home. This is a DJI feature. Were you further away?

You can login with multiple devices.

Thanks for the Reply.

For Return to Home. I did not press Return to Home, but while in mission, battery level came below critical level and i thought it will return home but it descended where it was. Luckily we shifted to manual control and brought Drone to safe zone other wise we would have lost the drone. So question is if i press Return to home button @ DD app it will come home, otherwise not. Let me know

It should return to where it took off. The return to home button in the DD app is the same as pressing return to home in the DJI Go app.

This seems to be a common bug. It’s happened to myself and others, discussed here: Return to home failed