Return To Home For Calibration

Is anyone else getting this warning while flying? I did a couple of flights last week that I had this happen on. I had just calibrated the compass prior to flight and everything ran through properly. All the flight data in the end was fine but this “Return to Home for Calibration” warning popped up a couple times. I am using a P4P V2 with and Ipad, all the newest updates as of last friday. This doesn’t seem to be affecting the flights but it is a bit troubling.


I have never seen this myself.

Hi @ggeorge - This will appear when a DJI drone reports a Compass error during flight. This will not aways result in flight issues, but generally we would suggest exploring why a Compass error may have occurred to ensure high flight confidence. Thanks!

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There’s no need to be recalibrating your compass before flights.

If it was working properly last week, it’s going to work properly this week.
If your compass is working properly, just leave alone.
Unnecessary recalibration won’t make your flights any safer.

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Unless there is some kind of electro/magnetic interference present, but if a warning does happen you should completely shut everything down and reboot before recalibrating.

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