Return to home failed

Hi All,
I had my first professional and not too successful experience with DD and/or DJI. I’m using a Phantom 3 Advanced with an Android phone. Normally I use my ipad 2, but it’s not cellular and therefore I can’t use it without wifi for mapping (this might be a separate thing to explore). But, I digress.
I got a little more than half way through mapping a 60-acre tree farm when the battery level dropped to 30% (time to come home); windy conditions were a big factor in limiting the battery life. Anyway, I hit the home button on the app, but the drone seemed to ignore the request and continue on the mission. When it was clear it wasn’t going to return home, I flipped the Flight Mode Switch from “F” to “P,” thinking at that point I would have full control. It turns out the only control I had was orientation and altitude. The drone continued horizontally toward a road when I decided it was more important to bring it down; it wasn’t a pretty landing, but no damage was done to the drone, property or person.
What I expected was a return to home, swap out the battery and continuation/completion of the mission. This clearly didn’t happen. I did get a little chuckle when the app, after the rough landing, said something like, “Congratulations, Now you’re ready to upload your mission.” Hmm, not yet.
At this point, I’m reluctant to try this again for fear of the same thing happening and someone getting hurt. Can anyone offer some insight into what might have gone wrong and what I can do the next time?

sorry to hear this happened to you @Dan_Schmidt- were you using our newest Android app (V.2.0.6)? Please check and let us know. Also, is the drone up to date on firmware, calibrations, etc?

I had the same experience earlier this week as well. I hit the Home button and the app displayed the message that the drone would be returning home. However, it continued on its mission for a minute or so more when it suddenly stopped on its own. It didn’t behave as if it was returning home so I switched back to “P” and flew it back myself. Without this manual intervention, there was no way I would have been able to return home before complete battery drain. It seems that the app does not consider typical battery warning thresholds to trigger an automatic return home.

I also laughed when the app congratulated me.

I’m running the latest Android app. I am using a Phantom 3 Pro with the latest firmware. The GPS and compass were calibrated.

Sorry you had the same experience, but glad it’s not just me. Not sure if I mentioned this, but I was running the latest firmware and app versions. One thing the DD people told me, should this happen in the future, hit the remote’s RTH which will supersede the app. Let’s hope it’s not necessary.