Return path improvement suggestion

There is a potentially damaging problem with the return path. When the drone finishes its juice or the mission, it will use the shortest path linking the respective point to the start mission point. That sometimes leads to crossing over the bounding polygon borders. If tall obstacles stand in the way outside the bounding polygon, it will crash into them…
My suggestion would be to compute a path that would still have all its legs inside the bounding polygon, where the user is sure of the fact that the altitude set will not generate crashes.

Another potential damaging issue is the fact that the unit takes photos outside the bounding polygon. It may be a sensitive area there, a military zone… why is it taking pictures outside the boundaries? besides being useless, because the camera is turned at 0 degrees on its way home, these pictures may well give anyone a stop at the jail ticket

Another bug I found is that DD does not check if an export job is already on the way for that given piece of data. I pressed twice - by mistake - on the export button for the same ortho and the system processed it twice… although the primary data did not change at all. It should ask in the first two hours or so if you really want to download what was already exported and provide you the download link. Or if the export was deleted after 30 days, it could regenerate it without questiuons asked.

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