Retiring Orbit Mode

On 22nd January, in v2.55 of our mobile apps, we will be retiring and removing our “orbit” image capture mode, currently found in advanced settings.

Our new 3D mode had been considerably improved since its launch in September and will be rolling out as the only method to take oblique images in mid/late January. For users of Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 drones, unfortunately this means you will no longer have access to a 3D flight mode inside the DroneDeploy app.


3D mode supports all drones since the DJI Phantom 4, but unfortunately will never support the Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 series due to their older flight control hardware.

If you have a newer drone, you can move over to 3D mode before the automatic switch, head to Settings > DD Labs, where you’ll find the option to enable 3D mode in flight planning.


Phantom 3 and inspire 1
We know that removing a feature can cause frustration for our customers and do not take this action lightly.

If you are in need of automatic 3D functionality, and do not have a newer drone, we recommend DJI’s own GSPro application for 3D flights:

As an alternative you can use the Point of Interest flight mode in DJI Go in addition to the DroneDeploy app.

All images captured with any of the above can be combined and used for processing in DroneDeploy’s map engine.

Thank you for reading, if you are a paid customer and would like to discuss this in more detail you can reach our support team via, otherwise please post in the forum below so that we can respond.


What does 3D mode do exactly?

It requests DD fly around the perimeter of your mission taking oblique photos of the site to help the software provide more accurate 3D detail during the processing stage. I am also beginning to appreciate that taking these oblique photos will also help improve the elevation data on a 2D map.

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