Resumed mission disapeared?

**Summary of Issue:

I started a multiple battery mission, after all the batteries have been flown, 20% of the mission still had to be flown for it to complete the mission, so i saved the mission to come back the next day, i decided to share the mission with a colleague via the share option in the dp share menu and sent it off via the email option, as soon as i did that, the whole mission disappeared from my saved mission list and the mission that was emailed did not work when my collegue clicked on it to open it up, only defaulted to the starting screen.

Is there a way to retrieve my lost mission ? i spend the whole day working on this mission and all the time/effort it took to get to the field just for the mission to disappear afterwards. Please can anyone help.

Hi again @CeeJay,

Can you please provide the name of the flight plan? In cases where the flight plan does not sync to your dashboard, we recommend leaving the DroneDeploy app open for 5-10 minutes while connected to stable WiFi on the device you used to fly the mission. Doing so typically syncs your flight to the cloud.

Let us know if that works for you!