Restarting/Resuming Flight

Yesterday I had to abort a flight-plan in the middle of it due to a swarm of birds (unsafe flying conditions as the birds were taking interest int he Drone).

After landing and the birds clearing out I pressed the Resume button, however, the Drone started off at the beginning again!

Is there not a way to resume where a flight plan left off? How do I do a multi-battery flight plan?

So I see in the instructions I’m suppose to have a dotted lines where I’ve already flown. This didn’t happen. The lines were all still solid, although I had the option to resume, and the Drone re-flew everything. What might I have done wrong?

Hi @mhoppes,

Apologies for the delayed response. My teammate @Stephanie is going to be hopping in and helping you out here.


Hi @mhoppes,

I’m sorry to hear your multi-battery mission didn’t go as expected. Were you flying with the latest version of the app and is your firmware up to date? I’d also like to know if the camera captured any images from the first stretch of your mission (before the battery swap). This information will help us better diagnose the issue and troubleshoot with you.

I look forward to hearing from you!


I often close and reopen the app at battery changes/resumes and it comes up with Continue so i can continue where it left off

If not, try and remember about what waypoint you left off at and start the new mission there.

I have had the app close during the flight and when i reopen it asks to continue, however the images taken previously seem to be ignored and it carries on but the previous area is back to being a solid line like it has not been mapped.

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