Residential 3D Mapping

We are using a DJI Inspire 1 to map residential properties. In some cases the houses are close together resulting in poor imagery in the aggregate. This creates a “fuzzy” or “monster” effect on the structure making the 3D result less than perfect.

Here’s the challenge: using DroneDeploy, how are you able to get clear imagery when the proximity of the other structure is too close?

We have tried high, medium and low altitudes and will continue until we have success.

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You can set flight mode to manual and fly a bit slower when capturing images. Please check this out and let me know if it makes sense:

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Many thanks! Excellent information which I believe will solve the problem. One question: when the drone is orbiting the structure/house, do you know if the DJI app will automatically take the photos as the DroneDeploy app does; or will we need to do so manually?

You can set it up to do either. In your case it may be better to do some slow manual pics, but you could setup the DJI Go app to take a picture at an interval.

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Perfect…and I understand your point relative to the ask…many thanks!