Requirements for DD

I keep separate devices(Pads) for each application I fly with. I do this because these applications (DJI GO, Litchi, Drone Deploy) like to run on top of each other even when you set the default application to one or another , they still dont like to play well.

Im new to Drone Deploy and I’m setting up a device (Display)

My question is, Does Drone Deploy have to have either DJI GO or Litchi to do a mission? or can it be all by its lonesome self . Im hoping it can be all by its self.
Thanks Much

Dronedeploy can be run by itself, it does not require other applications.

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Hello @chasemgray so now you do not need DJI GO on the same device to use DD ?? Thanks.

Right, the only thing you may need DJI GO for is calibrating the compass or setting camera parameters if you choose to use manual camera. It does not have to be on the mobile device. You can do it on a separate mobile device if you want.