Request log in to account = impossible to use

Usually I create a project in office, download it for offline usage and then go to a field. However dronedeploy asks me to log into my account there. I can’t do that if there is not Wi-Fi! This is very common case. So sometimes I can’t use dronedeploy at all - even if the project is downloaded to my device!

I see couple requests with the same problem here - unfortunately without any solution. It is strange as it really make mission impossible. Using of DD is impossible in this case.

Hi @Vavania

I’d recommend making sure you’re already signed in to the app before going offline, and please make sure not to quit it. Please make sure the app is updated as well.

Well, I consider it as a risky option. Usually I as geologist travel very far from civilization and I can’t rely on this. Really I don’t understand why I need to use password in internet to access my local data.