Reports - Elevations

In the images below is a mocked up Report showing a Distance Line and two Location points. You can see the data for Items 1, 2 and 3 with data in the report.

I would like to request additional data for Item #3 (Distance Line) on the Map view you can click a Distance Line (two point, not multiple points) and it will show a Elevation view on the Left Sidebar. I would like to see this Elevation graph on the report as shown below. The Red and Green Dots are used to show orientation of the view.


This is the type of data that a Engineer or Client would want to see.

I agree this elevation data would be really useful. At present I rely on a screen shot, which is not very professional.

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I had a conference call with Anya @ DD on Wednesday to go over these and other features that would be a great addition to DD.

I showed why having a multi-point Distance line needed the Profile Elevation and not just a 2 point line.

This is in the queue. In a similar request is to have profile data for multi-vertex polylines, not just the simple line.

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Yeah, I posted so others could see and to get folks to start thinking of what they might want to see in the product.

A Queue list of Coming Features would be nice, with status (in Queue, in Development, in Testing, Finish), with a description of what the feature is going to do.

There are several features I would like to see as well as there are features that are in Beta but someone like me might not know they are testing but I’m requesting them. The sidebar (bottom right) does a good job of showing similar topics but depending on my wording vs someone else’s description, it may not show up in the topic list so I might add the same request. But having a Coming Features list I could go check it and say hmm that’s what I was thinking of.

No doubt. We need to keep bumping. I am very happy that the Customer Advisory Council is coming back. I think we will get the queue then, but a running tally and focused testing would be nice. I think it would also be nice to summarize most requested features and most common trouble reports. I am sure they are doing this internally, but here again we will have a better idea once the council meets.

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