Replacement drone

I’m at the point of replacing my Inspire 1. Can any DD users give advice on which works best with DD, the Mavic 2 Pro or the Mavic 2 Zoom. Can anyone also advise whether or not DD works with the Smart Controller please. TIA.

As far as I know, and unbelievably, Drone Deploy STILL does not work with the Smart Controller.

Thanks for posting. Do you have any experience of using the Mavic 2 Zoom or Pro with the standard controller?

I use the Mavic 2 Pro and it works great. I also had a Phantom 4 Pro and I like using the Mavic 2 Pro over the Phantom.

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Thank you. That’s what I was looking for; a reply from someone who has successfully used DD with a Mavic 2.

I have used both the Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic 2 Pro with DD. Only watch out is sometimes the video feed will stop in the DD app with the Mavic 2 Pro. Support suggestion of unplugging the USB cable for the remote controller and plug back in sometime provided a resolution to the issue.

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