Repeat mission at the same points

Is it possible to repeat a mission but taking the photos at the same points than first flight?

You can repeat a mission by creating a copy of it: Click the three dots next to the plan and choose “Copy” from the menu.

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Hi @Marciano,

To add onto what @seanwalsh said, we have a helpful article in our support documentation on Replicating Flights that should be helpful. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help. I know about duplicate a flight but, are the same points kept in the new flight even if home point changes?
I mission can be accomplished using slight different point position.
This is my concern.
Thank you

Your home point and landing point will get calculated as you’re loading the mission, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Hi Chase,

Does this also apply to altitude, for example, if I were to take off from another point 50m higher in the second mission would it still be flown at the same height as the first mission?

I don’t worry about home and landing points.
I only want to know if I repeat a flight with 50 points/photos, all of them remain the same position in a duplicate independently the home point.
I don’t know how the app works in this matter. In the screen I only see path lines, not the points where the photos will be taken so I don’t know where they are and if they will keep their position in a duplicate.
Thank you

If you were to take off from 50m higher in the second mission, the entire mission would be 50m higher.

They will remain the same except if you’re changing the altitude of your takeoff point as Mark mentioned.

Okay, I understand high differences but it is not my case, it could be few meters away of last home position.
I am referring about shot point positions (lat/long).