Rendering "Not Done" When Notified by eMail

so, this may be on my end, but after it happening twice I am thinking not…

flew two properties yesterday, processed the images in LR like normal, exported at normal 70%, uploaded no problems.

Got the email saying the processing was done, went to look at them and both were crazy blotchy and soft, like something had gone horribly wrong.

I started to upload the un edited versions of one of the properties as a “control” test. left it go and upload, came back and checked it (done). went back to the Original (about 1hr later) and it looks fine. I hadnt left the page loaded, so it was “left to cache” (browser wasn’t doing anything but uploading other set)

I checked the second original and was fine too. thought maybe it was just a fluke… but the “control” with unedited photos once i got the email that it was done, did the exact same thing.

The Questions:

  1. Is there some lag between the rendering at DD and the transfer to sketchfab?
  2. does SF have some rendering latency that we need to be away of as customers?

Hi @PanamediaPA,

There can be a slight lag from DD to Sketchfab for the textures to properly load. Sometimes this lag can be longer than usual. This is an issue with Sketchfab since we send the data immediately after processing.

We will continue to track this and alert Sketchfab if the issue persists. Thank you for flagging this.