Renaming Project

I might be being really stupid right now, hopefully, but is there no way of renaming a Project? I can rename maps etc. but cannot for the life of me find a drop-down that allows me to rename a project.

Click on a project first, then change its name in the header. Does this work for you?

Unfortunately not. That’s how we used to rename the ‘Missions’ prior to the configuration and layout changed to incorporate Projects.

I’ve never needed to do it before, as I always plan and prepare in the office on the desktop beforehand, whilst putting in a full description of what it is I am doing, only whilst out in the field yesterday and in a rush, I just just threw any Project name in there to get it going, knowing I could update and expand on it later. Only that doesn’t seem to be the case.

It is going to be dicey over the next couple of weeks. There is allot that is going to be released so there is bound to be a bit of movement. This is one of those gotchas that they didn’t think anyone would notice. Then Murphy’s Law comes along and you need it for the first time, lol.

It used to be a gear next to the project name once you went into it - literally changed yesterday. Now once in the project click on the gear in to top right corner of the screen.


@AlexHennessey @Anya I’m assuming that is why this was moved. Or did someone go rogue? Lol. Be careful because this kind of stuff drives users crazy!

Thanks Michael. Got it.

On the discussion of small DD tweaks, during a presentation a couple of hours ago, I discovered the 3D detail has been lowered back to where it was when DD’s supplier changed, if not worse. It’s now bad again, despite selecting HD.

I can certainly see a difference between the SD and HD, but only when I zoom right in does the sharp textured detail appear. Zoom out just a little and it reverts to being all blurry.

The only difference between SD and HD is the rendering distance. I have noticed that the rendering has been struggling the last week or so. @Jamespipe @AlexHennessey

Exactly. That’s what I was saying. Even in HD, the rendering struggles and goes blurry at only a short distance away whereas, at the short distance I’m talking about, it’s normally crisp in SD.

A week ago the same model was incredibly crisp and was a surprise to me in my meeting when it struggled at close range in HD.

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Hi James, I apologize for the issues with our new 3D viewer. We are resolving these as quickly as possible, some of those fixes are live, but more will arrive middle of next week. If you contact the support team directly they can revert you back to the old viewer temporarily. @Anya for visibility.



Thanks James. I have emailed Support and requested my account to be switched back to the working version. Thanks again.