Remove model from sketchfab


I am currently in the field doing some drone mapping and wanted to test a small area by uploading to dronedeploy to see the 3D model, I get a nice result. However, I see that dronedeploy automatically uploads the model to sketchfab, with my full name in the model title!

I had no idea that this would happen (no notification), and I really do not want these data with my name on sketchfab online for the public to see. This seems totally unacceptable to me! Is there a way to delete this model off sketchfab?

Thank you.



How did you discover this. When I search on Sketchfab I can not find my name, the names of my missions or my user name on this Forum. What should I search for?



Hi Terry,

if you load your 3D model on the dronedeploy website and hide the dashboard, there is a button in the bottom left for “view in sketchfab”. If you click that you go to your model on dronedeploys sketchfab account, and you cannot do anything to it because it belongs to Dronedeploy and not you!


Your model is only accessible with the share link. It should only be accessible to anybody that you share your link with.



Is it true that all DroneDeploy 3D maps are automatically uploaded to Sketchfab? Or only the ones for which I click on view in Sketchfab?



ah ok, thanks for clearing that up.


All models are within a private Sketchfab account that DD owns.



Still not clear if a model is uploaded to Sketchfab even if I do NOT click on view in Sketchfab.

Can you please illuminate this issue a little more?



Yes, they are uploaded to Sketchfab but not accessible to anyone unless you share your link.



Sounds like something google would do. I know DD already has them, so why burn up the space on Sketchfab and use more energy? To provide a separate access to the model independent of DD?



DD uses sketchfab as its online viewer of 3D models. At some point DD will have its own viewer with some additional controls, but I’m not sure when that’ll be.



So when we view our 3D model in DD, its actually using the model on Sketchfab? There is no copy of the model in the DD cloud collection?



Yes, it is showing an embedded Sketchfab viewer.