Remote Control “not responding”


I have a DJI Phantom 3 Pro.
I am having a strange error with drone deploy. When I go to do my pre flight check before the mission everything checks out until the “remote” check. And it says that the “remote control is not responding” and to restart the remote and the drone. Which I have done with no success. This is on my iPhone XS MAX running drone deploy version 4.59. The strange thing is that on my iPad mini 2 running a older version of drone deploy and everything works fine, all the checks complete successfully and it flys the mission perfectly. So it is very obviously an issue with the drone deploy app. My question is. Can I download an older version or drone deploy to my iPhone? And if not can I make it work on my iPhone, as I would rather not use my iPad as it is very old.

Cheers and awaiting your reply. Heres a link to an image of the error: IMG-1108 — ImgBB


Conseguiu resolver amigo?