Regain camera control/pitch

During my bench tests I found that even after switching into Atti or other flight modes, I was still not able to pitch the camera up while DroneDeploy app was open. It continually would move up about 5 degrees then pan back down. Please make it so as soon as we take manual control, or pause captures, we are able to have full gimbal control.

What is the use case you have that you wish to do this? With dronedeploy we usually assume automated flight from beginning to end. After the flight is over the gimbal and camera are no longer controlled by dronedeploy. If you shut down the application you can also take control.

It is for taking over control. If there is an issue with the flight plan out of sight, I wouldn’t want to count on a return to home. I would also like to be able to have the camera view available. I understand I may not be the target market, as I am familiar with all things multirotor and would much rather have the option to take full control without having to kill the app and start up Pilot with the hopes it works.

That makes sense. We should be able to do that. I’ll add it to the list of beta features we are working on.

In addition- being able to tilt the camera back up in “P mode” means that if a landing is particularly rough, I don’t have to worry about my optics facing down into the dirt (those UV filter caps ain’t too cheap!).

I would like for the camera to be facing anywhere but down during takeoffs and landings, to protect the lens from damage.

We’ve heard this feedback before. We are going to point it forwards in the future during takeoff and landing. In the past we’ve had problems making sure the gimbal works properly. We will have to create a test that maybe points downwards then back up before takeoff to ensure that it is working properly.

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