Reflying a map


I did some ground work in my garden and wanted to remap my garden. but when adjusting the area and hight or changing the front or side lap the flightpath is only one single line…
another thing I have noticed that although the app is awesome i was not able to make a project. first time it flew but made no pictures, then I sat down on my laptop and replanned it as in the app it told me that the waypoints are not good (some 5000 something error). after replaning and syncing fom desktop it went ok and also processed ok.,

here is the map I wanted to refly.

am I missing something or is there a system glitch somewhere?

keep it up :slight_smile:

I’ve been periodically getting the waypoint error too when trying to initiate flying. Lately, I closed the app and restarted and it worked ok then. Not sure…

didn´t work for me. I had to replan on desktop and try several times… :frowning:
not sure what I am missing here but it did not work really well. eventually I was able to fly down what I wanted but it was a pain until then… that is why I am asking if this is a bug or am I just to stupid to use the app :smiley: LOL
the DD guys do a great job in my opinion and that is why I am on the pro plan as I have no need for more precise maps at the moment.