Reference Images - Start and End

Could your programmers please add the feature of capturing a reference photo at the start and completion of a mapping/progress flight, please?

I take many flights back to back of construction sites and it can be near impossible to distinguish the start/end of one map location to the next.

I have three suggestions for these reference shots:

  1. Capture a photo immediately before take off and after landing.
  2. Capture a horizon shot before first mapping image and after the last mapping image.
  3. Automatically adjust the camera image to completely underexpose the image resulting in a near black photo at the start and end of a mapping flight.

These reference images would serve to bookend the photo series and make it way easier on pilots such as myself.

Thank you.

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That may happen in the future but is likely not a high priority right now. Presently, just checking the time gap between images gives the indication of when one flight stops and the other flight starts.

Maybe we should bring the other thread into here.