Reduce Size Of .obj>.glb Export

I would like to showcase some of my work on my website.

DP allows me to iFrame embed a ShareLink but that’s just too much for just showcasing my typical output to potential customers. Exporting the .obj/.mtl/.jpg then converting to .glb works OK but the resulting file is HUGE (e.g. 350MB!), far too big to showcase on a website.

I’m guessing that I need to reduce the .obj polygon count, though I do worry about being able to subsequently apply the .mtl/.jpg textures.

I’m thinking of either using Autodesk Fusion 360, Blender or Meshmixer or maybe Meshlab to do this?

What does everybody else do?

Any guidance would be warmly welcomed.


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I’ve managed to achieve satisfactory results using Blender. The process:

  1. Export your .obj/.mtl/.jpg from DroneDeploy
  2. Import the .obj into Blender
  3. (Optional) Set Viewport Shading to Material Preview to see your textures
  4. Add the Decimate modifier, adjust the Ratio to reduce the Face Count
  5. Enter UV Editing workspace
  6. Select each material in turn from the drop-down, Image > Resize > adjust the image resolution > Save (or Save As if you don’t want to overwrite your textures)
  7. Ensuring Mesh > Apply Modifiers is selected, export the model as gLTF Binary (.glb)

Note: using a 0.2 ratio (i.e. 20% of the original faces) and a texture resolution of 640px (i.e. from 8120px) I was able to reduce my .glb file from 372MB to 6MB.

p.s. I am using bPlugin’s 3D Viewer (3D Viewer For WordPress- Easily Embed 3D Models - BPlugins) to showcase the .glb files on Wordpress. It’s free and seems to do the job nicely.

Thanks David. I’m new to Blender; I was able to follow steps 1-6, but am coming up short on 7. My mesh is colorless on the right panel, and my textures are in the left panel. Would you be able to post screenshots, or a link to a guide? Thanks!

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