Record movie while using DD possible?


Quick question…

I have to scan some corn fields for hidden marihuana plants (yes, that’s a thing here in The Netherlands). The organisation that hired me wants to have a movie instead of pictures, so I was wondering if I could use the DD app to fly the regular lawn mower pattern, select “use third party camera”, so it won’t take pictures (I fly an Inspire 1 v2.0 with the standard X3)… and then just press the record button on my controller. Would that work? I can’t test it myself at the moment…


I don’t know. Haven’t tried or heard that one before. It might be a creative way to do it if it works.
Some people use the Litchi app for things like this.

Let us know if you try it.


Seemed to work… it started recording a movie when I pressed the record button (no audible feedback though) and automatically stopped recording when I pressed RTH. I did that because I thought it wasn’t recording… but turns out it did…