Recent Mission Upload Problems with Mavic Pro

I’ve been using DroneDeploy successfully for several weeks with a Mavic Pro, with both a Samsung S8+ and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 9.7 tablet.

However several days ago the app, on both the phone and the tablet, has failed to upload anything other than the first waypoint of the plan. I’m using the latest Mavic firmware and the latest version of DroneDeploy from Google Play, and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling on both devices with no success.

I’m not trying to fly huge missions - yesterday’s fail was covering 5 acres with 18 waypoints. Mission shows fine in the app and online, when I go to upload all the checks pass but only waypoint 1 gets loaded into the Mavic.

Curious if others have encountered this problem and if you have any suggestions for resolution?

I cannot upload from iOS at all. See this screenshot: Failed to upload waypoints to mavic pro