Ready to Fly-Takeoff-App thinks flight is complete

Flying a P3P with iPad, app version 2.0.42 and all firmware up to date. I’ve started my trial period as of yesterday and done 5 maps, 2 single battery missions and 3 with 2 batteries, on over 400 acres At the start of the 2nd mission, and everyone since, I’ve gone through the startup process, the checklist confirms and is ready for flight. I hit the takeoff button on the app, motors start, quad lifts off and up comes the congratulations screen that wants to download an image at the end of the flight. If I close out that screen I’m back and the dashboard and the mission I’m wanting to fly says continue. All the while my drone is climbing. To stop this I’ve either been able to switch to P flight mode right after takeoff or if it gets up a ways I’ve had to kill the app to get control. After landing I can do the continue mission and everything works fine from there. It’s a really uneasy feeling when this happens. Not a good selling feature during a trial of a product.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the feedback and very sorry to hear this. The team just released an official post, today, on some of the recent reliability issues.

Here is a direct link to submit bugs you encounter as they’re actively working through them:

Hope this helps and sorry, again, for the inconvenience.