Re-upload pictures to same mission

Is there way to re-upload photos that has been touched/cleaned in Photoshop for the same mission? The first upload of original photos had too much glare, so the output was awful.

Now, I’ve manually cleaned up the glare in Photoshop. I want to re-upload to the same mission and see if made any difference.

I tried “copying” the mission but DroneDeploy wants me to fly it again. I just want to upload enhanced ones and re-process that’s all.

Thanks in advance.

The best thing to do would be to upload the edited images as a new dataset:

Please be sure to check that the editing has not affected the metadata- all images will need intact geotags in order to be processed.


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Thanks Neema…how can I check that the editing has not affected the metadata?

Also, I don’t quite understand how to upload as a new dataset. I don’t see such option in the original mission (already processed) nor in the copied mission where it’s asking me to actually fly it. Thanks.

To upload a set of photos without flying a mission, go to the Dashboard and press the Blue + button at the bottom of the left column.