RBJ Health Center Rehabilitation

Here is a fun flight I did yesterday documenting progress on a project in the middle of downtown Austin for a major Central Texas developer. We did all the site work and were contracted to continue drone services throughout completion for the owner. First a couple of snapshots through our scope and yesterdays photo locations. I love free-flying with Litchi and interval shutter. I could do this in DroneDeploy, but having to initiate a shot manually makes it hard to keep the eyes on the drone.

Latest to come…

The update. Obviously Structure Mode processing still has issues with trees. @Jamespipe @Andrew_Fraser

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Here’s a pano. Nice view of Downtown Austin. Let me know if you can’t access it.

RBJ/Hatchery 360 Pano

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@MichaelL - In the past week we have made a significant update for tree modelling in Structures. The orthos will be complete and should look good, however the point cloud likely will not contain the points as they still get filtered out due to uncertainty. (working on that)

I can reprocess a map if you are interested in seeing the difference.

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I just replied on some of the other threads and this was one that I was going to redo. The last 19007 and 19035 would be good candidates as well so I will get a couple of them going and we should have something to look at towards the end of today or tomorrow.