RAW Image Capture

Ok DD, it’s time to step into the Reality Capture game in a big way. To do this we need to see the ability to plan maps in a variety of ways but the first step would be to allow for the capture of images in the RAW. I realize the limitations of the write-speed and all that comes with this request. You’d probably need to incorporate stop and capture (with a 3 sec delay) to do this effectively.

More and more, DJI GSPro (and others) is stepping up their game with features such as stop-n-go, oblique off-set, and better camera support. And the more time I spend in their app, the less I am in yours…


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I’d like to hear a comment on whether or not RAW would make a better map or not. Personally I think that unless you are post-processing your photos then you are wasting your time and space with RAW. It really depends upon DroneDeploy’s engine.

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I don’t need RAW to make a map. I need it to make 3d models. Modeling is about having consistent lighting throughout. Hence wanting to manipulate photos to bring down highlights and bring up shadows.

What kind of editor are you using? You should be able to make the necessary enhancements even with the JPEG file.

We use Lightroom. JPEG compresses way to much when modeling something with shadows. Can’t bring anything back. We’ve also tried other programs as well but nothing beats a RAW image. JPEGs work for overview stuff but not for detail.

And if I’m being honest, DD isn’t the right app to use but programming Litchi missions is so damn tedious, even in Excel.

Got you, makes total sense. I use ACDSee and it is more than capable of resolving black/white in batch editing. Are you running a P4P?

@txdroneco Thanks for reaching out. We have allowed JPGS only due to RAW being too large of a file type to be processed in the cloud. As you can imagine 1000s of RAW images require large bandwidth. Another reason is you mentioned, the write speed. Usually is not fast enough to keep up with large flown areas.

You are more than welcome to capture manually or set third party camera on and use DJI’s timelapse to capture DNG photos. You can then process and convert down to JPG for final upload stage.

Hi Yusuf, I don’t ever intend to upload RAW images for processing. But I didn’t know that I could choose a 3rd party camera. Is this doable through DroneDeploy?