Raw files plus JPEG files

My surveyor needs to use Raw files for processing jobs for customers. As I understand DroneDeploy only uses JPG. In DJI Go App the Phantom 3 can be set to take both Raw & Jpg. Can we possibly get Drone deploy to do this also, So you can process it with Jpg or possibly process with raw and or he can use the identical filesbut in raw.


The speed that the sdk lets us take raw files is at least 5 times slower. We would cover an area much smaller. We don’t currently support doing that.

DJI needs to get going in this topic. frustrating that because of that you guys can´t do a better service.
is caching an option ?
or is it out of question because of the writing speed for RAW

Chase, Do you foresee DD accepting RAW files for data processing? I have a DJI Phantom fitted with a Tetracam NDVI camera, it captures images in RAW only. I’d like to use DD data processing for these images. Thoughts?..