Railroad mapping

Hi folks! I need some sugestions for mapping a railroad to make a report how many crossties, how many must be replaced, fixed, etc…


I have not done any railroads; however I would imagine that they are very similar to a roadway. Assuming that is the case, make sure to create a path that runs at a 45-degree angle to the centerline of the tracks so that you get good coverage. I have seen folks who fly one pass, parallel to the cernterline, and they typically have issues on the back end.

Maybe flying in zig-zag will use much more battery then 3 parallel lines, right?

That would use a TON more battery…

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@dragonflyAS meaning… 45 deg angle on the camera (the path is shifted off centerline)? or a lazy zig zag over the road where the path is 45 off parallel ?

Zig-zagging 45-degrees to the centerline.

If it is of any use to you here is a link to a short section of tracks I did last year. I used an out and back (so 2 passes) approach and it turned out OK in my opinion. This was with an Inspire 1 Pro at 100’ altitude.


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