Radius of mission is over acceptable limit


I have created a mission and I’m ready to begin the flight.
When I click on the take off button I get the message “radius of the mission is over the acceptable limit”.

  • The zone is rather small : 100 m x 60 m.
  • The drone takes off inside the zone.
  • I have checked the parameters in DJI GO : there is no distance limit.I have done the flight manually with DJI GO.
  • The flight altitude is 20m and the altitude limit is 90 m.
  • I have created a new mission.
  • Dronedeploy is running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I have reset the device.
  • I have deinstalled and reinstalled Dronedeploy witout success.

How can I solve this issue ?
Thanks for your help

Hi @dakota77,

Can you share some more info?

  1. When did this issue begin?
  2. Can you share a screenshot of your DJI Go app settings? We’d like to make sure that Beginner Mode is disabled and what your flight radius and altitude limits are.

We’ll start with these.

Keep me posted,

I suffered from a similar symptom recently flying a Mavic Pro from an nVidia Shield K1 Android tablet.
After a successful pre-flight check of the five parameters, when I clicked on the blue take-off icon in the bottom right of the app, the “Radius of Mission is over the acceptable limit” message would appear.

Completely by chance I discovered a solution that worked for me; the take-off icon is (at the time of writing, 2018-05-10, anyway) programmed to accept a light, fleeting tap, and I was pressing just a fraction of a second too long. So if you have a similar problem, it might be worth trying a shorter or lighter touch!

HTH - Mike -

Hi @Allerdown,

Thank you for sharing your solution with the community. I believe another user has resolved this issue by disabling the distance limit in the DJI Go app as well.