Radiometric JPG

I’m trying to log in the SD card of the XT2 the Radiometric JPG (RJPG) images using drone deploy as flight planner (Matrice 210 RTK dual gimbal).
With DJI Pilot on CrystalSky I set-up the XT2 image format to RJPG, I disconnect CrystalSky from the Cendence controller and connect the iPad with drone deploy. Launch drone deploy and proceed with the grid fly. At the end of the fly when I download the files from the SD card of the XT2 only the 1st image is RJPG (which is the image taken before the take off), all the others are JPG. If I reconnect the controller to the CrystalSky with DJI Pilot the Image Format in the settings is back to JPG.
Does anybody know if drone deploy resets the XT2 from RJPG to JPG after the 1st image taken before the take-off?