Quick Access

Something doesn’t seem right with the new Dashboard UI “Quick Access”. How is that determined. I have very old projects that are definitely not the latest used like you can see below. It would be more helpful if they just went in order. Top 5 being the most recent and 6-10 most recent on the 2nd row below the folders. @Andrew_Fraser @Erika_Houseman @Kaitlin_Blando

You’re right - that wasn’t right. Fixed.


Much appreciated my friend.

This still seems to be a problem and I don’t think my Quick Access section is changing. The first row of Projects under the list of folders updates properly as I use them.

How is quick access calculated? The most opened projects or the 5 last opened is what I would expect, but some of these haven’t been open in a month.

I am happy to report that the Quick Access panel on the new UI seems to be functioning as expected! It is now placing missions as I touch them on both the app and Google Chrome.

If you are using the new Web Browser UI please test it to make sure.

Well, I spoke too soon… It only populated correctly when I was in that session. When I got out and went back in it had reset to the same 5 old projects it had before.