Quick Access

Something doesn’t seem right with the new Dashboard UI “Quick Access”. How is that determined. I have very old projects that are definitely not the latest used like you can see below. It would be more helpful if they just went in order. Top 5 being the most recent and 6-10 most recent on the 2nd row below the folders. @Andrew_Fraser @Erika_Houseman @Kaitlin_Blando

You’re right - that wasn’t right. Fixed.


Much appreciated my friend.

This still seems to be a problem and I don’t think my Quick Access section is changing. The first row of Projects under the list of folders updates properly as I use them.

How is quick access calculated? The most opened projects or the 5 last opened is what I would expect, but some of these haven’t been open in a month.

I am happy to report that the Quick Access panel on the new UI seems to be functioning as expected! It is now placing missions as I touch them on both the app and Google Chrome.

If you are using the new Web Browser UI please test it to make sure.

Well, I spoke too soon… It only populated correctly when I was in that session. When I got out and went back in it had reset to the same 5 old projects it had before.

The option for the new UI has reappeared and seems to be working better on all platforms, but the Quick Access pane is still incorrect. @Andrew_Fraser I’m obviously the blue dot and these are the projects that seem to be stuck in the pane. It is not reactive according to location and is not pulling the latest touched. It actually seems like it almost pulled the projects at our furthest extents and the furthest from me, lol.

Appreciate the feedback. This is something we are looking to optimize for ease of use.

What would be your desired load view?

I would like the closest site and the four most recent opened. I have no need for the two or more closest. Actually I don’t even need that because I know which site I’m at, but I am sure that would be helpful to others. The way the old UI functions with last touched sites going to the top is perfect.