Queued for 2 Days?

At first it told me it’d take 1.3-6 hours, ha.

I’m trying to find an alternative to Pix4D, and damn, I thought Pix4D took a while.

EDIT: I’m aware that we start with a Pro License Trial, will the upgrade to actual Pro make any difference?

Hi Yorgos,

There’s no difference in upload time where plans are concerned. Which browser are you using? Firefox and Chrome are recommended. I would also check the Internet connection too. Please let me know if this helps.



I uploaded all of the pictures 2 days ago, so that’s not the problem in this case.
I use Opera, does that really affect the Processing time?

Thanks for replying.

It’s a possibility. I would definitely try Chrome or Firefox since those two work best. Please let me know if you still have an issue.

Oh wow that was definitely the problem, Opera isn’t loading.

Chrome from now on, thanks a bunch Kara

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No problem, glad that helped.