Question (Regarding DD's Auto Camera Focus)

Hi folks,

I use DD for capturing aerial 2D imagery of new sub-divisions (I work for a water utility company). I’ve had some issues lately where some of my projects come out really nice while others come out more blurry due to focus issues.

It dawned on me today during one of my projects that DD begins the auto-focus for the camera at the start of the first waypoint of each project, if this waypoint starting position happens to be over a house roof (or any other raised structure for that matter) I’m assumming DD will auto-focus on the house roof or whatever is directly below it for the flight - which could explain why all the manholes and street level assets seem a little out of focus, can anybody confirm if this is the case?

If this is the case would it not make sense for DD to auto focus the camera at every other way point or something?


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Luke – I know that DD recommends leaving the drone in auto for both focus and exposure, but I’ve found reliable focus results in manual. Just remember to set focus at an appropriate distance on a high contrast target after you get to altitude, and leave it there for the duration of the flight. This also means you have to take off manually and launch the DD app flight checklist after you’re airborne.

Not the DD “school solution”, but it works well for me. This will not work as well where you have large variations in the camera-to-subject distance over the course of the mission, such as a mapping area with lots of elevation changes.