Question about GCP's and using Drone Deploy with other programs


I have some questions regarding drone deploy.

I am getting a Phantom 4 Pro drone soon, I work at a surveying company and am about to go to school for GIS, so my main concern is learning how to create accurate maps maps.

Does the Pro version of Drone Deploy allow the use of GCP’s? I have not worked with GCPs yet but I am in the future, and from what I have seen I won’t be able to afford $250 a month just to learn mapping with GCPs.

Which brings me to this question: Can I use drone deploy just to fly the drone, capture the data, then download that data to Agisoft Photoscan Pro on my PC? Photoscan allows the use of GCPs and everything else Drone Deploy can do except I can do it on my PC (more than likely faster and cheaper when internet is taken into account). However if I do this then it negates the point of even using drone deploy…


Yes, you can fly the flight with Drone Deploy and download the data to process it wherever you want.