Quality / File Size - Options for Exporting Orthomosiacs

Would be nice to have something between preview quality and full quality when exporting Orthomosaics. The preview file size is nice, but not quite a enough detail. The full size is a huge file, with really more detail than needed for a locally stored permanent archive.

Reason I’d like to have this, is many of the current Agriculture GIS programs really aren’t made for many gb images. The database would become too large to handle after some time.

Something along the lines of a 100-250mb file size for a 100 acre field would be more desirable.

Example of the preview image in AgLeader’s SMS program:

I forwarded this to the product team. We’ve heard a bit of feedback about different export options.

I agree with Aaron on this one. I use the same software and would like to have an image with a little quality than the preview. I would also like the ability to export the image as a shape file to make it easier to work with. Thank you for the hard work.

im using irfanview working very nice


Another export option request.
In this case for 3D models.
I want to import into Sketchup but I am unable to import the format DD is exporting.
Supported types:

Thanks. We’re looking at adjusting the export options very soon. I’ll forward this to the ones planning that work.