Provide rectangular guidance

I personally would find it useful if the web tool (as opposed to the mobile app) had an aide that helps to design a mission map that conforms to a rectangular shape. This feature would be most helpful in the case of a map that is not “meant to be” aligned in N/S E/W directions. I am primarily thinking of the case where the end goal is just a 2D jpg or tiff of an area.

It is not yet able to rotate the default map, so in lieu of that, I just stretch the endpoints to create the rectangle in the direction I want it.

I get that, it’s what I do now. But it’s a time-consuming process when you really want to get the borders right. And the difficulty doesn’t really go away if you go away if you are just flying a NSWE (not sure what term to use here) rectangle because you can push the map around so that the rectangle looks aligned to the edges (of the browser window). It would be a professional touch that would really help accelerate the workflow.