Prolonging iPhone Battery for multiple battery missions

I have a mission to fly that will take 8 batteries for my Mavic 2 Pro. My problem is that my iPhone battery will die before I complete the mission.

Any ideas here?

I’ve been looking for a lightning splitter, but everything that I am finding calls out headphones. I don’t know if this would be the same as data, but for $10 might be worth a try. That way you can plug a portable battery in.

Basevs Double Lightning Adapter& Splitter, Lightning Audio and Charge Adapter for iphone 7/7plus,Supprot Phone Call ,Music control and Charge

I asked Belkin about the use of their audio splitter. The answer is an emphatic No, the splitter can only be used for charging in and audio out. USB and other output is not possible. So check with the manufacturer before purchasing. And if you find one that works, please post here!

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Thanks for sharing @theArborist. One of these silly USB limitations of the Apple products that have been a PITA in our company’s deployment.

An option is battery case(s) for your particular phone

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That’s a good idea. Thanks, Howard.